Improve Customer Experience by Streamlining Customer Data Collection [Webinar Highlights]

Art Harrison

I recently worked with Marty Pavlik, Practice Lead at Doculabs, to put together a webinar that focused on how to streamline customer data collection. As a follow-up to that session, we wanted to highlight and share some of the content we covered.

Here are some answers to the questions we received. You can also access the webinar replay below.

Q: What are the major pain-points the financial services and insurance industry are experiencing with digitization?

Agile development. Now more than ever, organizations are under pressure from their clients to go digital. Customers want convenience; with information and advice at their fingertips.

But banks and insurers are not always known as places where innovation thrives.

To solve for this, most organizations need to foster partnerships and technology that helps them evolve.

Data and Customer Experience. Information of all kinds is being collected and stored at an exponential rate. But Banks and Insurers are struggling to collect that data in a clean, concise, and timely manner. 
The work to improve customer experience is often delayed while teams work to build a central data model. It doesn't have to be this way though.

Q: How do you get the most value when you want to start a digitization strategy?

When trying to create meaningful change, it’s important to consider the patterns that solve multiple problems.
As mentioned above, many organizations start too broad - trying to fix and digitize every process. This can cause a plethora of problems and prevents quick wins. Others start too narrow - trying to solve for one use case only. This provides some value, but limits scope and reach of change.
At FormHero, we help teams approach digitization by starting from the outside and working in. Our platform can work with, and complement endless processes and use cases; making the shift to digitization less daunting. Our primary goal is to help you see an immediate return by solving the front-end of your most pressing business issues first.
With this approach, internal momentum builds quickly and teams can choose when and where to put effort to align backend processes.
Plus, a centralized feed of data makes creating complimentary solutions much more targeted.

Q: What are the business benefits or gains of digitizing processes?

The first and most important benefit is increasing the customer experience. Digitizing processes provides clients the convenience to choose how and when they want to do business. Digital capabilities allow branch staff and customers to use the same platforms, with the same look and feel. This reduces training and often eliminates the need to follow up with clients.
Secondly, it decreases the time spent on non-revenue generating activities such as data entry and maintenance.

For more information on how to streamline your customer data collection you can watch the webinar replay here:


You can also check out Doculabs' blog post where Marty Pavlik also answers a few questions post webinar. 

If you need help with your data collection and forms modernization strategy please feel free to connect with us and we will get in touch with you. 

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