Organizational Growth Amidst a Pandemic

Arlene Galton

Organizational Growth Amidst a Pandemic

Despite the ongoing uncertainties around the Covid-19 pandemic, FormHero has been able to grow our team. Throughout the last 5 months, FormHero has doubled in size. Now more than ever, we have been uniquely positioned to rapidly develop Smart Form solutions in response to our customer’s needs. We are proud to optimize our dynamic solutions to adapt to the changes impacting the core business processes of our clients. For what was a small startup, this change has been challenging yet rewarding. Our tight-knit culture has been preserved despite working from home and growing our team by remaining dedicated to what we value most  — and that’s our people. 

How does the new (& virtual) onboarding process look like at FormHero?

Even though we can no longer work from our Toronto office, we are making the best out of this current situation and are continuously working towards reinventing our processes, including how we onboard new employees. Our remote onboarding process has allowed new members to seamlessly integrate into our team and their role. 

This is how FormHero is adapting to a virtual onboarding experience: 


Prior to new-hires joining, we go through the following checklist:

  • Introduction to the People & Culture team: Our new team members are introduced to our People & Culture team who have prepared a customized onboarding schedule to ensure success from day one!    
  • Preparing the work environment: FormHero allocates a healthy budget to all full-time employees for essential equipment and to create an ergonomic, productive and fulfilling home offices. Whether it be a new chair, desk or earbuds for video calls, FormHero has you covered.
  • Welcome to FormHero: A welcome package along with their laptop, monitor and requested gear are delivered to their home! New-hires are also invited to a Friday social before their start date for a “sneak peak”. 

Onboarding - 2 week experience

Every onboarding experience is custom curated for each new-hire, but generally we cover the following:

  • Let’s Get Started: New-hires are given a day-by-day schedule for onboarding which includes the core objectives to learn: 
    • The Smart Form solution
    • About their role 
    • The people and organization
  • Digital Collaboration: We embrace digital tools that help us communicate and work effectively, like Slack, Google Hangouts, Zoom, Confluence and Jira. We have virtual meet and greets that take place with key stakeholders on the team. 
  • Team Bonding: We host a virtual welcome lunch for the new-hires and respective teams where employees expense their favourite lunch meal! At the end of the week, each new-hire presents 10 facts about themselves at the social. 
  • Smart Form Building: All employees, no matter their job function, learn how to build and develop Smart Forms. This is an invaluable skill that helps our employees confidently speak about our solution with various contacts and clients. 


  • Continued Support: Ongoing support from the new-hire’s manager and team members (virtual 1:1’s) along with monthly virtual coffee/donut chats with randomized pairings to keep learning from colleagues. 
  • Socials: Weekly engagement with the team through socials every Friday, ranging from keynote speakers, to performances and company-wide updates. Our socials are a great way for the employees to unwind after a busy week and converse about topics outside of work. 

If you’re asking yourself, “I’ve never worked from home before, what can I expect?”, here are some tips & tricks! 

Working from home is a new reality for many people and it certainly has its pros and cons. It requires an adjustment in the way you work and self-discipline which may be difficult to get accustomed to. We have gathered a few pointers that have worked well for some of our New-Heroes:

Tip 1: Get started early!

Get into a morning routine and stick to it everyday like you are in the office. Don't prolong breakfast and let your morning drag out. Instead, ensure you are working towards your daily goals from the start of the day. Dive into your project first thing in the morning and get off on the right foot. 

Tip 2: Dress up for work

As tempting as it is to stay in your pajamas to work from home, you may find it quite difficult to have a productive day, that is, - if you’re too comfortable. An obvious pro to working from home is not having to dress up in formal clothing, but you shouldn't stay in your pajamas all day! We're sure that you'll find that by putting on a different outfit from the one you woke up in, you’ll feel better about yourself and be more productive throughout the day.

Tip 3: Choose a dedicated work space

If you dedicate one space as your work environment, over time, your brain will associate that space with work. If you are moving around from the couch to your bed, you may find yourself getting more distracted because your brain has already associated those spaces as places for leisure time. Furthermore, when you schedule a break or lunch you should consider leaving your work space and go somewhere else! 

Tip 4: Plan your day ahead of time 

When you're working from home, you are your own boss and without meetings and lunches to break up the day it can be easy to lose focus. Schedule and set your priorities ahead of time and stick to that schedule. Plan 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the afternoon to get up from your work space and walk around or stretch. This will increase productivity when you return to your desk. 

Tip 5: Have some background noise

Listening to some music on low volume can really help you focus. Lyric-free music or white noise can help you concentrate on the task at hand especially if it matches your current mood. 

Final Note!

Ask questions, enjoy the journey and be yourself! We are going through a pivotal transformation, and we know great ideas come from people that are open to trying new things, people that are willing to fail and people who put their best efforts in their work. At FormHero, your voice matters and we are excited to hear your ideas. 

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