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Arlene Galton

FormHero is so excited to have launched an Employee Recognition Program to kick off 2021. We know how easy it is to feel disconnected during these times of remote-only working, where collaboration and communication is at the mercy of technology (i.e. virtual meetings). 

So what is our solution? We’ve added a personal touch to the way we engage with our employees by launching a program that continuously recognizes all of the amazing work that our teams are accomplishing.

How did we do this? We’ve partnered with a third party organization, Chocolate Soup, to help us build an exceptional program to showcase and celebrate different achievements and milestones we are reaching at FormHero. 

Why Employee Recognition Matters

Employee recognition is a positive driving force that impacts business success and it acts as an excellent motivator in the workplace. No one wants their efforts to go unnoticed. But beyond work, employee recognition also includes ensuring that employees feel understood and are prioritized. After all, a third of an individual's life is spent at the workplace.

According to Chocolate Soup, a positive work culture is more productive, has less turnover and attracts top talent. When employees feel like they’re being taken care of, this translates to more satisfaction and thus more engagement in the workplace (Kinsella, 2021). 

With many of us working remotely, we may miss out on the sense of belonging and connection to our work. In fact, we might have taken in-office workplace perks for granted and are now only starting to notice how much the little perks such as coffee, catered lunches, break rooms and office games really broke up the day and let us engage with members in non-work related ways. 

With the Covid-19 pandemic, workplace fun looks a little different now — we let go of the organic conversations and connections that come with a traditional office. But beyond that, our organization has doubled in size during the pandemic, and restrictions haven’t let us physically meet the additions to our team.

It is so important to grow our team with engagement and recognition in mind so those who haven't had the chance to meet the team in-person can feel a sense of belonging. By implementing a program to acknowledge our co-workers, we hope to foster a sense of community and engagement. 

How We’re Recognizing Our Employees 

One of our initiatives - Build-Your-Career at FormHero, was implemented to recognize and celebrate work anniversaries and individual achievements. This is a fun and hands-on way to recognize our employees by giving each the opportunity to build their own custom LEGO™ figurine. After each anniversary or milestone, we can physically showcase this by adding new bricks to the figurine, being able to show their growth at FormHero in a tangible way — quite literally "building their career"!

Another one of our initiatives is the - Celebration of your special moments, where we send thoughtfully curated gifts to our employees to (virtually) celebrate milestones such as work anniversaries and birthdays  —including the birthdays of your children and partner, if applicable. 

With National Employee Appreciation Day being recognized today, March 5th, we wanted to showcase some of the little things we’re doing at FormHero to make our employees feel valued.

We’d love to hear some of the ways that you are keeping engaged with your co-workers and any ideas you may have on building community remotely. 



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